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Malik Riaz

Chairman and Founder of Bahria Town in Pakistan

Malik Riaz Hussain- A Well-known Personality in the Social Development

We all know about Malik Riaz Hussain, who is a professional entrepreneur and philanthropist in Pakistan. He is also known as a world-celebrated real estate developer. His vision is to become a successful entrepreneur in the world. His excellence and hard work never fail to meet success in his life. Of course, he believes that the future depends on social and economic equilibrium within society. He has recognized an industry leader, a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, and an inspirational mentor. His speeches are so persuasive and motivate everyone to become a successful leader. Malik Riaz Hussain opens 24 facilities and provided for patients free of cost.

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Bahria Town Pakistan

Chairman and Founder

Bahria Town (Private) Limited. (Urdu: بحریہ ٹاؤن‎) is an Islamabad-based privately owned real-estate development company which owns, develops and manages properties across Pakistan.


Malik Riaz Hussain

Malik RiazObjective and Philanthropist : Malik Riaz has a unique intention to help poor people who live in poverty. He provides economic prosperity by employment creation, wealth, development of large scale projects. His objective is to provide social welfare through company-sponsored hospitals and subsidized. He is a dedicated philanthropist who has given generously of his time. He recently pledged 75% of his wealth, exceeding the US $ 2 billion for welfare society. His initiatives are so familiar and discover charity organizations for poor people. Apart from helping the mind, he is also a top real estate empire around the world. His contribution to organizations and fields takes interests presents with charitable social work towards nation-building. He also starts free medical services to the patients of the poor people in villages.

Professional Educationist : Apart from this activity, Malik Riaz Hussain finds the most effective way to eradicate poverty quickly. He is a professional educationist and serves people with good motives. He established an education trust fund for students to learn. He created Dr. A.Q. Khan College in Rawalpindi in 1997 which offers schooling facilities. He is also providing scholarships and micro-finance loans to many students. He is also building an entire university block in Bahawalpur University and setting up with print media. He seeks to dismantle barriers to find out more economic winners in the educational career.

Top-notch Social Entrepreneur : His efforts bring forth development against poverty eradication. He tries to eliminate poverty, and it is the greatest calamity humanity in his mission. They have facilities for all endeavors promoting national progress. He started Fund for Pakistani Awam to help people in Pakistan. He is helping people below the poverty line. His hard work receives success in improved living standards, education, and infrastructure for poverty line people. He is a social entrepreneur and helps many people to overcome the hassles in life. The fund will be refurbished every month to ensure continuity in progress in all fields.

Become a Democracy Upholder : Malik Riaz Hussain is a democracy upholder, and his effort is to uphold the democratic values in Pakistan. He loves to help everyone to enjoy life and have excellent educational opportunities. He also played an active role as an unofficial benefactor of the Lad Masjid progeny. It wishes to eliminate negative fallouts in the military operation. He has developed a program to help to attain democracy in the Pakistan nation.

Entrepreneur and Promote Cultural Values : He is always ready to respond to immediate community needs. His particular role is to join the forefront nation in terms of natural calamities and unfortunate incidents. Malik Riaz Hussain was amongst the first corporate world to enter in the relief efforts. So, he is the top-notch person in Pakistan who helps everyone at the same level. He is the most renowned entrepreneur seeking many opportunities in the world. His significant role is to promote cultural and social values. He regularly supports orphanages and institutions for individual children. His charitable trust helps many people to find food and shelter.


Bahria Town in Pakistan

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Bahria Town Nursing

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Bahria Hospital

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Bahria Peshawar

Bahria Town Peshawar is an upcoming and most awaited chapter of the largest real estate developer of Pakistan.


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